Tera Slayer Build Guide

Do you want the perfect Tera Slayer Build? Well, if you are looking for a quick guide to show you how to properly build your skills, glyphs and crystals to be the most effective in certain situations, you have come to the right place. My name is Stephanie Lee and I have been addicted to Tera ever since its debut in Korea.

I consider myself a pretty good Tera player and since its North American release, I have even devoted literally hundreds of hours researching the best skill, glyph and crystals builds that work the best for certain situations. Below, I have outlined some viable skill builds and glyph builds for the Slayer that I have found to have worked quite well. Keep in mind that this guide only covers a small aspect of the Slayer. If you want a full Slayer guide to show you the perfect builds and how to completely max out your character in every way, I highly recommend the Argon’s Guide.

As your progress through Tera Online as a Slayer, you will be able to unlock literally dozens of different skills, but only a handful of them will be useful for certain situations. So, having the proper build of skills and glyphs is extremely important if you want to learn how to dominate your competition in different situations. The build that I will be exposing to you today is a DPS inspired build that I have developed after countless hours of research. I will show you the skills that I chose plus two glyphs that you can use to compliment that particular skill with the pros and cons of each. Keep in mind that the skill build I created was designed around my own play style. Feel free to change or add new skills according to your liking.

Whirlwind is an early level skill that you will be able to unlock. It is an AOE attack in which your Slayer will spin around quickly in 360 degrees with their sword. In order for this attack to be performed successfully, you must spend 1.5 seconds casting the attack without being interrupted. This is a great attack to use if you are trying to hit multiple targets from all directions. The power rating of this attack is 1966, cost 250 mana to activate and has a cool down of 14 seconds.

Glyph of Brilliance : This glyph will decrease the mana consumption of Whirlwind by 63. This is a good glyph to use since as a Slayer, you won’t have a huge mana pool to spam all the skills that you want.

Overhand Strike is a very powerful attack that takes a rather long time to activate. It has a power rating of 1238, costs 130 mana to activate and has a cool down of 5.5 seconds. To fully utilize Overhand Strike, you should use it after Whirlwind or your fourth blow of your basic attack. The speed increase of this skill is very useful when used within a combo attack.

Glyph of Persistence : This glyph gives a 50% chance that the cool down of Overhand Strike will be eliminated every time it is used. A good glyph to consider using when you need to deal heavy damage to difficult mobs.

Glyph of Restoration: This glyph will restore 3% of your HP when Overhand Strike is activated. A nice glyph to consider for increasing sustainability on the battlefield.

Leaping Strike is an attack that you have that has the potential to deal huge amounts of damage. When activated, you will pounce on your foe and smash downwards. If the enemy is knocked down after you used Leaping Strike, you will score a 5x damage multiplier, which will result in heavy DPS. Leaping Strike has a power rating of 256 (plus the 5x damage multiplier if target is knocked down), cost 200 mana to activate and has a cool down of 7 seconds.

Glyph of Brilliance: This glyph is an important one to consider as it reduces the mana consumption of Leaping Strike by 50. Although it might seem like a lot in reduction, this extra 50 mana you save can go towards spamming other skills.

Dash is a pretty self explanatory skill. I added this ability within my DPS build because of the mobility that it adds. This is an extremely useful ability that will increase your movement speed temporarily by 75%. This will allow you to either catch up to bleeding enemies or escape dangerous situations when you are hurt yourself. Dash costs 100 mana to activate and has a cool down of 25 seconds.

Glyph of Energy: This glyph reduces the cool down on Dash by 25%. This might seem like a small reduction, but the 25 second on Dash is quite a bit. Take this glyph to enable your character to always have Dash ready for whatever comes your way.

Backstab is an extremely useful DPS skill that is unlocked during end game levels. This ability allows you to dash in behind a target and attack them with such force to immobilize them. It has a power rating of 921, cost 130 mana to activate and has a cool down of 20 seconds.

Glyph of Energy: This glyph will decrease the cool down of Backstab by 20%. As I have said before it is important to be able to spam all your effective DPS skills as frequently as possible, so this glyph should be considered. Having the right crystal build for your Slayer in Tera is just as important as the right skills and glyphs. Below, I have outlined the crystals that I find to be the most effective for your weapon and armour DPS situations.


Brutal – Deals more damage to knocked down opponents

Cruel – Increases attack power against knocked down opponents

Focusd – Gives additional critical damage against enraged monsters

Forceful – Critical attacks increase strength when attacking enemies from rear

Savage- Extra critical damage when attacking monsters from rear


Champion of Punishment – Generates MP when attacked by player

Fleetfoot – Increased movement speed when out of combat

Poise- Decrease damage taken by X% against enraged monsters

Resolute- Decreases damage taken when you are below 50%

Vigorous- Gives hit point regeneration every 5 seconds

The builds above for the Tera Slayer should be used as a guideline. The reason I say this is because these builds are targeted towards my own personal preference, play style and of course builds are never set in stone. Builds for your Slayer will always change depending on the situation/scenario you are in and also differs depending on factors such as your own play style, equipment and hot keys. However, there is a way to know exactly what is the best build to use in every situation as an Slayer. Want to know the best current builds for the Slayer that have been created and used by professional Tera players?

Sources: Blogger Live Journal Wikispaces

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